Welcome To Scavenger Hunt Florida

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Scavenger Hunt Florida was created with your family, friends, groups, co-workers, and employees in mind. Our hunts are a fun, economical, and challenging way to invoke and promote positive team and relationship building. Scavenger hunts also require participants to lead, make decisions, calculate, solve problems, and utilize time management skills, while having fun.

Families can also benefit from this team building activity which brings individuals closer through teamwork and bonding. Scavenger hunts will lighten tension that frequently occur on family vacations, gatherings, and general interaction. Families grow and change over time, what better way to reconnect with one another by promoting team interaction through Scavenger Hunt Florida.

The setting for our current hunt is Downtown Orlando Florida. Orlando is known for its theme parks but also has a rich history in it’s downtown district. This hunt will keep you challenged, baffled, and racing against the clock to complete all the tasks assigned to each team. At the same time, your team will be learning history about the city, taking in some great scenery, and in some instances interacting with the community.

For more information, contact us at scavengerhuntflorida@gmail.com


10 responses to “Welcome To Scavenger Hunt Florida

  1. Danielle

    My team had such a great time on our scavenger hunt! It was a nice team building activity too. I would recommend this scavenger hunt to anyone who wants to strengthen relationships, learn about the city they are in, and have a blast doing it!

  2. Lisa

    Definitely a great idea… for sure. I personally have been a victim of one of these brilliant scavenger hunts, and yes, they are a blast!! Whether you are looking to build comradery amongst a group of employees or enjoy a family outing or reunion, This is a “Great time had by all” event at the present time’s budget! Enjoy!!

  3. karen meggs

    This was the best day ever

  4. Jessenia

    This was such a great idea, everyone in the team enjoyed themselves. I would definetely recommend people to try this experience. It was a fun day!!!!

  5. Blanca

    This was a great team builder. I had a lot of fun.

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